360Istanbul maintains its level of quality as the most favourite venue with its service quality, delicious menu, panoramic view and entertainments. Now, it brings in a new concept with 360Suada Club. 360Istanbul finds its location in Suada Club in order to present its wonderful Istanbul view in 360-degree panaromic view in harmony with its name. 360Suada will present a different approach, it is designed as an outdoor venue by presenting sun and beach concept.

In compliance with its concept, 360Suada is located just beside the swimming pool. The minimal design of 360Istanbul highlightens black and white colours whereas 360Suada is designed colorfully with the sprit of the summer and open air. 360Suada consists both Restaurant and Lounge sections and welcomes warmly with its little attractions.

360Suada Club offers a very wide and delicious menu as it is following the new trends all around the world. The menu, opening the way to world cuisine is prepared by Mike Norman who is a partner of the venue and a famous chief as well. The guests will find the opportunity to try long-time expected new tastes of 360 in 360Suada.

Bitter Chocolate Chili Steak Fillet prepared by chocolate sauce presented as a main course is a rather different taste you should try within this assertive menu in which there are various new tastes...Drunk octopus is another meal you can taste, which will surely glamorize, cooked with the best of the Turkish wines. “Sea Food Anthology” will surprise you with its Turkish idiomatic title and rich content.

You can not imagine the splendid feast prepared with the most fresh sea food on ice. Shrimp, jumbo shrimp, fumed sword fish and salmon, all together. We should tell more and more about the distinctive coctails of the venue. You should absolutely come and try refreshing and revitalizing coctails that you can only find in 360Suada. With its delicious menu, design, breathtaking view and different concept 360 Suada Club is ready to be the most preferred places in Istanbul this summer. Leave yourself to the magical environment of 360 Suada!