Aslan Restaurant.

Aslan Restaurant, serving within the Suada Club-GS ISLAND since 2006, welcomes its guests by renewing itself in this winter season with its “Aegean flavors” concept. Aslan Restaurant brings together outstanding examples of Turkish cuisine to its guests and with a rich menu it appeals both to eye and to palate.

Aslan Restoran, located at the intersection of Europe and Asia; has been a new flavour stop that is blended with Agean tastes for those wishing to escape from the turmoil of İstanbul with its unique location. Combining high-quality service and delicious food at affordable prices, Aslan Restaurant adds a modern interior design and warm atmosphere to the stunning aspect of Bosphorus.

Starting with traditional varieties of appetizers presented in a wide range, rich main dish menu, containing range of meat or fish, offers differential alternatives to the guests of Aslan Restaurant. After a pleasant dinner between the two continents, you will never forget the taste of "Pine Gum Apricot Pudding" which will stay as one of the unforgettable flavors of Aslan Restaurant.

Aslan Restaurant in Suada Club-GS ISLAND offers privileged pleasures or Galatasaray sports club members and all guests; it also invites you to experience unforgettable experiences in the only island in the middle of the Bosphorus both in summer and winter season.