Who can say "No?" to the joy of fish delicacies at such a special spot on the Bosporus?

G Balık, with its varying approaches and seafood dishes, offers unforgettable culinary experiences in one of the most beautiful spots of Suada Club-GS ISLAND.

G Balık, is host to many international and local visitors, spoiling them with the dishes from the hands of its creative kitchen team. Inspired by the irresistible tastes of the Mediterranean, G Balık offers raw and fresh fish, classic Turkish hour's d'oervres as well as the famous Spanish classic "Paella".

Besides the traditional ways of cooking; roasting inside bread dough and boneless fish tandoori also attract great interest.

After the meal, you must try the favourite of the guests at G Balık, "Strawberry in Wine" and "Pear Pie".

Either for business meals or for special occasions, G Balık is the ideal choice; preparing

menus for events of your choice, served on the large terrace and in the indoor salon. All you

have to do is to enjoy this unique island, situated at a breath-taking spot on the Bosporus.