To make a completely different day take off, out of the rest, the sweetest get away resort is Suada Club - GALATASARAY ISLAND...for those who remember about the vacations and want to escape from Istanbul and to get away for a moment, Those, may leave themselves into the cool waters of Suada Club-Galatasaray Island. The finest systems are used in sea water treatment units and thus equipped in accordance with the hygienic standards and the olympic swimming pool, is the alternative escape point for the ones who cannot go on vacation. To get a sun-ten in the sea or on a sea- bed under the sun's rays and while sipping your tropical drinks in your lodges, hearing DJ tunes, and spectacular scenery in the air ... Between the two continents, in the middle of the Bosphorus, you will not find it at any other point in the world and would have ever enjoyed and feel thus privileged ... The Pool pleasure, The Suada Club-Galatasaray Island flavors are complemented by the various cuisines also. Whatever your palate tastes are, you'll find a taste that will appeal you. The Kebabs, sushi, Italian ways, the fish and a combination of many other flavors ... The Istanbul's most prestigious brands, G Fish, the Kebabs and besides the Fishes the 360, Mezzaluna, and the Lion Restaurant are under the same roof with you, during the summer season, Almost the south is moving to Istanbul by the Galatasaray Island Club Suada.

All the parties who signed of Bodrum's or Ibiza, Mykonos-Town, and that makes the island offers a different taste every time. A day away from the bustle of Istanbul, and enjoying in the pool place to live the taste of the holidays and with a very special romantic sunset dinner with the passage of leaves. The Boats, bridges and natural decorations adorned with the silhouette of istanbul’s history is giving a different personality to this very special island with many more waitings for the ones who are willing to take a sweet peace.