History of Suada Club-GS ISLAND

The island at the Kuruçeşme district of Bosphorus, which is composed of several big stone blocks 165 meter away from the shore was given as a present to the Serkis Kalfa, the chief architect of the palace in 1872 by Sultan Abdulaziz , the ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Having built a three storey pavilion in this island, Serkis Kalfa moved here.

The worldwide famous painter Ayvazovski, invited by the Sultan Abdul-Aziz, had been a guest to Serkis Kalfa at the Kuruçeşme Island in 1874 and was introduced to the sultan.

Ayazovski painted the pictures of Dolmabahçe Palace ordered to be drawn by the sultan Abdul-Aziz at this island. The island was rented out to the ‘’Şirket-i Hayriye Ferry Enterprise’’ by the heirs of Serkis Bey after the 2 nd. World War and it was used as a coal depot for long years.

This island was called as ‘’The island of Serkis Bey’’ up to the 1 st. World War years and was known to be ‘’A corner of heaven’’ of the time. Serkis Kalfa (1835-1899), who continued to render service as the chief architect of the palace subsequent to the death of Sultan Abdul Aziz and during the reign of 2 nd. Abdulhamit, lived at this island until his death.

The island was bought by Galatasaray Sports Club in 1957 and it was turned into a place of social facilities.